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baseline, leigh-on-sea


Baseline, Leigh-on-Sea


08 Developments


£1.3 million


A high quality residential cluster of seven luxury homes on a land-locked site reflecting our client’s aspirations for a unique living experience set within a high quality landscaped environment.

The design also reflects the unique characteristics of the site which enjoy a relatively introverted character, with only limited visual connection to the surrounding residential streets. Large windows open up the elevations on the private, garden side of the dwellings with reduced areas of glazing on the semi-public shared surface side of the scheme. With large full height kitchen windows providing a visual connection through the house to the gardens and vice-versa.

Elements of lead cladding have been introduced to form accent points within the overall composition, such as projecting, angled bay windows and wrap around cladding to the double height garden bay windows.

The recessed brickwork components have been extruded through rendered gables in the form of cantilevered first floor bays, continuing the language of a play between render and masonry, recessed and cantilevered elements.

The scheme was completed in 2016.